What is excessive gambling

The game is a free activity of paris engagement, voluntarily chosen by the player, who comes to the casino distraction, escape and pleasure.
The game obeys rules, accepted by the players, and offers a way to meet at random, to try his luck. You can win or lose: you are free to stop at any time, as soon as you decide.
Two words define the game-distraction, which is the one the casino invites you: freedom and pleasure.
The free choice to play, to continue, to stop is inseparable from the pleasure taken by the player.

There is, however, a small percentage of the population who develop excessive gambling behavior. This may involve:
– an exaggerated concern,
– the need to bet more and more important amounts,
– the installation of a state of dependence that leads the person to give priority to the game in his life.

People with gambling addiction may experience trajectories of breakup and suffering that cause them to lose self-esteem and those around them. Severe cases present a dramatic picture:
– loss of employment,
– relationship and family breakdowns,
– significant debts,
– prolonged loss of control,
which are the extreme characteristics of problem gambling.

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