Where a Card Counter Should Sit at the Table


I always prefer the last, or third baseman’s, seat, also known as the anchor man’s seat, when playing casino blackjack. This gives me the opportunity to see the other players’ cards if the hands are dealt face up, or enables me to see some of the cards dealt to the players with me as they hit their hands. I always take advantage of all possible information at a black¬≠jack table, and knowing as many cards as possible can only be helpful to me when I have to make a decision concerning my own hand.

By sitting in the last seat, you can keep the best running count, counting cards as they are dealt out without waiting for the dealer to turn over all the players’ cards. I’ve used several examples previously where this has been effective. For ex¬≠ample, with a running count you can tell if a neutral deck has become favorable or unfavorable for purposes of playing out your hand.

However, the third baseman’s seat is the one most often taken by card counters, and casino personnel often scrutinize the play of an anchor man. Sometimes, so as not to draw casino heat, I sit in a different spot, usually the seat next to the third baseman.

This is a very good seat as well. Often players will hold their cards high when examining them, and I get a quick look at the players’ on both sides of me, which gives me more information about the deck.

A player can make money at any spot at the table. At times I was forced to sit at the first baseman’s seat, and that was all right. If you can count cards, you will win money at blackjack, but it’s best to sit where you can keep a running count, for those times when you have to make a decision about a borderline hand.

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